MagicScore Note 7: Music Notation & Composing Software – 100% Discount

About MagicScore Note 7

MagicScore Note 7 is wonderful basic music notation and music writing software, offering the advanced capabilities for music schools, students, teachers and music lovers. With MagicScore Note 7 you can create magnificent compositions; that will give you the opportunity to have your work done in the best possible manner.
MagicScore Note 7 GUI

MagicScore Note 7 Features

The basic features of the MagicScore Note 7 version are as follows:

  • Automatic control of a correctness of input information.
  • High functionality of editing (copying, insert, deleting, transposition separated notes and selected blocks of notes).
  • Addition the notes through the virtual piano.
  • Capability of binding to all units of score the comments, references and other units of design.
  • Regulation of volume, balance and effects for each racetrack (score instrument).
  • Reading from the file of the MIDI and Karaoke format, and record the information
  • in the MIDI and Karaoke format.
  • Play of the input notes separately on instruments, and on the whole orchestra.
  • Printing of score with preliminary review of the printed information.
  • Drag & Drop support.
  • Undo, Redo operations
  • Options of the printing blank staff notation
  • Print notes of the MIDI format files

Download MagicScore Note 7 Trial

MagicScore Note evaluation version can be downloaded from the following link,

Purchase MagicScore Note 7

MagicScore Note 7 costs 19.95 USD and can be purchased using this link.
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