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With time, these existing Windows drivers get outdated, resulting in poor system performance and limited hardware functionality. Therefore, it is very important to update the drivers on your system from time to time. To do so manually is a tedious task. You will first have to determine the model and make of the hardware device, go to the manufacturer’s website, then download and install the most recent and updated drivers for it. Most of the times, you will have problems finding the right driver for your computer, or the one you install may be incompatible. However, using Systweak Advanced Driver Updater, this can be done easily, quickly and efficiently. Systweak Advanced Driver Updater has an extensive database which consists of the latest and most updated drivers in the market. It scans your system and displays a list of outdated drivers. All you need to do to update to the most recent ones is click a button. A backup of the old drivers is taken automatically and the newest drivers are installed. It is just that simple. If you do not like the latest driver or it is causing any problems, you can easily restore the backup. Having Systweak Advanced Driver Updater on your system makes sense, because having the most recent drivers do. They give you enhanced functionality, minimize erratic behavior and improve system performance.

Systweak Advanced Driver Updater GUI

Systweak Advanced Driver Updater Features

Update outdated drivers

Scan, download and install the latest drivers for your system with a few simple clicks to enhance system performance.

Backup and restore

You can take a full backup of the existing drivers or specific drivers on your system easily using Advanced Driver Updater.

Driver Exclusion list

Advanced Driver Updater can exclude those drivers which cause system instability due to compatibility issues. On subsequent scans, such drivers will not come up in the scan results and will not be updated.

Schedule driver scan

Regular driver scans can be scheduled easily using Advanced Driver Updater. These can be scheduled at pre-defined dates and times, like every day, every week or just once to run automatically.

Full compatibility with latest operating systems

Advanced Driver Updater is fully compatible with the latest operating systems available in the market. You can use it safely on both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 & 8.

Download Systweak Advanced Driver Updater Trial

Trial version of Systweak Advanced Driver Updater is available in the following link.

Purchase Systweak Advanced Driver Updater

1 Year license of Systweak Advanced Driver Updater costs 29.95 USD.

Systweak Advanced Driver Updater offers two types of licensing: 1 Year Upgrade Protection and Continuous Upgrade Protection. Under 1 Year Upgrade Protection, all upgrades are provided for free for one year. Also, the product will stop working after one year and you will have to purchase it again. However, under Continuous Upgrade Protection, you are billed each year automatically and all upgrades are free for the duration of your subscription.

Purchase Normal License
Purchase License with Continuous Upgrade Protection
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