TwistedBrush Pro Studio – 80%, 70% and 40% Discount Offer

About TwistedBrush Pro Studio

TwistedBrush Pro Studio is general purpose image editing software for Windows. The origins of this program is in digital painting with realistic natural media such as pastels, oil paints, watercolors, conte, etc. This remains an exceptional strength however TwistedBrush Pro Studio also excels in all areas of digital image creating and photo editing.
TwistedBrush Pro Studio GUI

All the features of the pro studio can be found in the following.

  • Worlds most powerful and flexible brush engine
  • Full 64 bit color depth for smooth blends
  • Realistic art media brushes
  • Photo fixup brushes
  • Pattern brushes
  • Mandela brushes
  • Text brushes
  • Seamless brushes
  • Design brushes
  • Plant and tree brushes
  • Fractal brushes
  • Image clip brushes
  • Blob modeling brushes
  • Scribbler brushes
  • Liquid brushes
  • Masking brushes
  • Complete brush editing
  • Full layer support with standard and unique blending modes
  • Scratch layers
  • Cloning
  • Tracing paper
  • Scanner and printer support
  • Image processing filters
  • Photo to art filters
  • Adobe Compatibility Plug-in Filters
  • Lua script Filters
  • Time-lapse painting video recording
  • Extensive mask support
  • Mask edit layers
  • Paper color and texture
  • Paper edit layer
  • Drawing guides
  • Grid snapping
  • Reference images
  • Innovative Copy and Paste tools
  • Dynamic color palettes
  • Static color palettes
  • History color palettes
  • Blending color palettes
  • Complete color palette generation and editing.
  • Script recording and playback
  • Page Explorer
  • Slideshow generation

Also if you count in numbers, here are statistics.

  • Over 8000 brushes
  • Over 200 filters
  • Over 440 brush effects
  • Over 200 brush effect envelopes
  • Over 600 brush shapes
  • 256 layers
  • More than 429,496,729,600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 brush effect combinations
  • That is more than four hundred twenty-nine duodecillion, four hundred ninety-six undecillion, seven hundred twenty-nine decillion, six hundred nonillion brush effect combination’s

Download TwistedBrush Pro Studio Trial

Trial version of TwistedBrush Pro can be downloaded from the following link.
To get your trial period for 30 days, you need a free registration.

Purchase TwistedBrush Pro Studio

TwistedBrush Pro Studio costs 99 USD which can be purchased using this link.
You can get 80%, 70% and 40% discount on the software purchase using coupons UPFOR20NICE, UPNOW272 and CPUPG777 respectively.

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