CyberGhost Winter Bundle: 90% discount

CyberGhost Winter Bundle is a 5-in-one pack that comprises of CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN 12 Months ($159.99 ), ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 ($79.99), O&O Defrag 16 Professional Edition ($29.95), Sticky Password PRO ($29.99) and LapLink PC Mover Home ($39.95). CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN can help you to stay anonymous in internet. ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 is powerful photo editing software featuring an array of advanced tools, filters and special effects inside a very friendly user interface. O&O Defrag 16 Professional help you to optimize hard disks with efficient disk defragmentation. Sticky Password PRO is an efficient password manager and form filler. LapLink PC Mover Home helps you to moves installed programs, files, and settings automatically to your new PC. CyberGhost Winter Bundle will suite your various needs.

CyberGhost Winter Bundle

CyberGhost Winter Bundle Features

CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN

CyberGhost is an important tool for protecting your privacy. CyberGhost VPN replaces the externally visible IP address, which users have received from their provider when they dial up to connect to the Internet, with a CyberGhost VPN IP address. The CyberGhost user shares this IP address with a number of other users. This procedure ensures that the CyberGhost VPN IP address should not be assigned to one particular CyberGhost VPN user. Communication between the CyberGhost VPN user’s computer and the anonymization servers is also particularly well protected to prevent any eavesdropping on data transfers. This protection is set up in 2 steps when establishing the connection. 1024-bit SSL encryption is used when establishing the connection. In this case, a 128-bit AES key is negotiated, which is unique for each connection. The actual communication takes place via this AES key.

ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6

ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 is a powerful and feature-rich image editor. Beginners will appreciate the straight-forward design, while advanced users will love the performance and control. The program includes everything you need to manage, enhance, print, and get creative with your digital photos!

  • Provides advanced photo editing tools, filters, and special effects
  • Supports RAW format and large image files for importing and editing
  • Extracts an object easily from its background with Magic-Cut
  • Support Windows 8

O&O Defrag 16 Professional Edition

Do not wait too long! If you work on computers a lot, then slow system and program starts, endless rendering and memory processes, or even system crashes when playing can quickly ruin your enjoyment. Defragmenting your PC can hugely accelerate the speed you can work on your PC. When you defragment, those files fragmented across the hard disk are logically rearranged so that files can be quickly recognized and processed by the hardware. Performance gains of up to 100% are not uncommon! In the new version of O&O Defrag, you can now see what the program does for your system thanks to graphics and statistics, which give you a before-and-after Defrag contrast!

Sticky Password PRO

  • Sticky Password recognizes your password-protected sites and logs you in automatically.
  • One-click form filling! Sticky Password fills in tedious online forms quickly and accurately.
  • Sticky Password integrates with your browser and applications so your passwords and data are always ready when you need them.
  • No more lost or forgotten passwords, Sticky Password gets them right the first time and even logs you in automatically.
  • The Installation Wizard imports your passwords automatically from browsers and other password manager programs on your computer.
  • Take advantage of the automatic update feature to ensure that you always have the latest build or version of Sticky Password.

LapLink PC Mover Home

PCmover Home automatically moves all the programs, files and settings you select from your old PC to your new one and all of your applications will be installed automatically ready to use. It offers the easiest way to move into a new PC without leaving anything behind and works with almost any version of Windows. You can even use PCmover to transfer your PC to an Intel-based Mac using VMware Fusion, Parallels or Bootcamp.

Download CyberGhost Winter Bundle Trial

No trial is available for CyberGhost Winter Bundle but individual softwares can be downloaded separately.
CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN
ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6
O&O Defrag 16 Professional Edition
Sticky Password PRO
LapLink PC Mover Home

Purchase CyberGhost Winter Bundle

CyberGhost Winter Bundle costs 339.87 USD and can be purchased using This link.
90% Discount
Use Coupon Code: VMX-345-2EU or use This Link to Purchase.

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