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Tenorshare Partition Manager – 50% Discount Offer

Tenorshare Partition Manager is an assortment of valuable partition-management tools comprised in one easy-to-manage software utility. It offers outstanding basic partitioning features such as creating, deleting, and formatting partitions. In addition, Tenorshare Partition Manager provides you with advanced ability to extend, shrink and copy partitions. Also, you can change file system, partition label and drive […]

Tenorshare Data Backup – 50% Discount Offer

Discovering your computer has crashed and data are lost can be really frustrating and depressing. As a result, it is of great importance to have data backed up to avoid stress and frustration. Tenorshare Data Backup provides you several options to keep your important data secure and safe: clone a partition or your entire hard […]

Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional – 50% Discount Offer

Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional is a wonderful data recovery tool that not only recovers data from hard drive, USB flash drive, etc. with FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS file system, but also supports Mac file system ( HFS, HFS+ ), and Linux file system ( EXT2, EXT3 ). The comprehensive program is able to recover music, […]

Tenorshare Fix Genius – 50% Discount Offer

Tenorshare Fix Geniusis a professional tool specially designed for you to fix computer booting issues, repair crashed, corrupted Windows, recover lost data, partition or clone disk, find lost Windows password & Office product key and more under Microsoft Win PE environment. With it you will never worry about blue or black screen while starting your […]