Photomizer 2 Plugin from Engelmann Media – 65% Discount Offer

About Photomizer 2 Plugin for Photoshop

With Photomizer 2 Plugin you can add the Photomizer 2 features to your Photoshop application. The plug-in is compatible to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements as well as to Adobe Photoshop compatible programs like Paintshop Pro, Corel Photo Paint and Corel Draw and it equips the programs with the well-known features of the popular Photomizer software.
With just one click you repair and optimize your digital photo treasures. – no need to be bothered by learning curves and training times.
Re-adjust tonality like a professional, increase the contrasts and sharpen your photos with exactly the right settings, to turn them into attractive and natural pictures that never convey an impression of artificial manipulation.
Likewise aboard: The well-known, easy handling of the image editing software, which already made its predecessor so successful. Most of the work is carried out with just one click – the rest is done almost intuitively.
Photomizer 2 Plugin Effects

Download Photomizer 2 Plugin

Download trial version of Photomizer 2 Plugin from the following link,

Purchase Photomizer 2 Plugin

Photomizer 2 Plugin for Photoshop costs 169.99 USD, which can be purchased using this link.
You can get 65% discount on the purchase of Photomizer 2 Plugin using coupon code: WUU-LTG-7MR or by using this link.

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