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Laplink PCMover Professional automatically moves all the programs, files and settings you select from your old PC to your new one and all of your applications will be installed automatically ready to use. Laplink PCMover Professional is the easiest way to move into a new PC without leaving anything behind and works with almost any version of Windows. You can even use Laplink PCMover Professional to transfer your PC to an Intel-based Mac using VMware Fusion, Parallels or Bootcamp.

Laplink PCMover Professional GUI

Laplink PCMover Professional Specifications

Are you dreading the task of setting up your new PC? Research indicates that a majority of people will avoid buying a new PC because of the laborious task of setting it up. With each new PC, you have to find serial numbers and licenses for your old software applications, manually reinstall each one, burn CDs all your documents and rework each personalized setting. That’s why there’s Laplink PCMover Professional. Laplink PCMover Professional sets up your new PC automatically with just a wizard and a connection. In a matter of hours rather than days, your new PC will have all your applications, documents and settings installed automatically. And the best part? Laplink PCMover Professional can work completely unattended. Leave it running overnight and wake up to your brand new PC set up just the way you like it and ready to go.

Key Features

Application Selectivity: Choose which applications and folders you’d like moved over to your new PC.
Folder & File Selectivity: Select which folders you want moved and uncheck any file types that you don’t want transferred over.
Complete Migration: Can move all programs, files and settings in one easy step.
Multiple Transfer Options: Choose from USB cables, Windows Easy Transfer cable, parallel cables, removable media or a wired / wireless network to do the transfer.
Easy-To-Use Wizard Interface: Click through a simple wizard to set up the move.
“Undo” Feature: Quickly reverse a migration at any time with Laplink PCMover Professional’s easy ‘undo’ feature.


Step 1: Install
Simply install Laplink PCMover Professional on both your old and new computers and go!
Step 2: Transfer
Click through the easy-to-use wizard to select which type of transfer you want to do.
Step 3: Done!
Your new computer has the same personality and functionality as your old PC. No need to reinstall programs because Laplink PCMover Professional did it for you.
For detailed instructions, please use the User Guide.

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/Me/2000/XP/Vista
Intel or compatible 486DX or higher processor
20 MB of hard disk space

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