WinSurvey: Powerful Survey Software – 100% Discount Offer

WinSurvey is a powerful survey software for easily creating, publishing and analyzing surveys. WinSurvey provides everything you need for creating, sending and analyzing surveys – in one package!

WinSurvey GUI

WinSurvey Features

Survey types

  • Online HTML surveys
  • HTML surveys by email
  • Stand-alone computer-aided surveys (interview disk)
  • Printed RTF/plain text surveys
  • Polls for integration into websites

Survey appearance

  • Enhanced HTML templates
  • Images in questions and answers
  • Splitting surveys
  • CSS styles
  • Different character encodings
  • Custom confirmation pages
  • Response validation

Question types

  • Choose one (radio buttons or combo boxes)
  • Choose one and specify
  • Choose all that apply (multiple selection)
  • Choose all that apply and specify
  • Choose one per topic (multiple questions with rank scales)
  • Fill in the blanks (one line per topic)
  • Numerical fill in the blanks
  • Essay questions

Questionnaire design and publishing

  • Easy-to-use HTML WYSIWIG Editor
  • Question preview window
  • Questions, answers, and scales library
  • Add question wizard
  • Add answer wizard
  • Survey Publisher wizard

Collection and management of responses

  • Automatic generation of MS Access or MySQL/MS SQL database for storing responses
  • Light response handling method – AceBIT’s web service redirects responses to your email inbox
  • Professional response handling method – WinSurvey generates scripts for processing responses on your PHP or ASP server
  • Possibility to insert responses directly to an online MySQL database
  • Import responses from a POP3 email server
  • Import responses from a MAPI-compliant email client (MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc)
  • Import responses from WinSurvey interview files
  • Advanced statistics

Participant Manager

  • Maintain database of surveys respondents
  • Import and consolidate answers from several surveys
  • Automatic generation and sending of customized emails
  • Printing labels
  • Printing customized letters
  • Advanced filters for import and selection
  • Integrated RTF/HTML editor

Charts & Analysis

  • Three types of slides – charts, tables and texts
  • Generate presentation wizard
  • Static and live presentations
  • Publish presentation wizard


  • Automatic import of responses from email client
  • Automatic import of responses from POP3 email server
  • Automatic update of static presentations from database
  • Automatic update of online presentations

Download WinSurvey Trial

30 days evaluation version of WinSurvey can be downloaded from the following link.

Purchase WinSurvey

WinSurvey costs 99.95 USD and can be purchased using this link.
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