Agnitum Outpost Security Suite – 3 PC Lifetime License: 40% Off

Agnitum Outpost Security Suite is comprised of an Anti-Malware module with greater detection accuracy and a Two-way firewall for secure network connections. The anti-malware engine powered by Virusbuster technology is Virus Bulletin VB100 certified for virus and spyware protection. Its preemptive protection secures against new and unknown threats in 32- and 64-bit systems. It offers secured network & web connections and fast, safe & private web browsing. It has minimal hardware requirements and have minimal impact on system performance. It does real-time monitoring of security-related activities and uses auto-Learn and cloud-based ImproveNet that helps intuitive security decision-making. It uses advanced caching mechanism to make subsequent malware scans up to 10 times faster. It also have a powerful self protection technology. Agnitum Outpost Security Suite also includes a game mode to enjoy uninterrupted games and streaming video.
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Agnitum Outpost Security Suite

Security levels offered by Agnitum Outpost Security Suite

It offers 5-levels of internet security. In Level 0, Agnitum Live Disk Tool can be used to install the software even on an infected machine after offering an on-demand scan in safe mode. Level 1 offers Content Prevention via Web antivirus, Anti-malware monitor, Firewall, Attack Detection, URL blacklist, Active Content Block and Stop-words. Level 2 uses System Guard, Self-protection, Anti-leak, Component control, File and Folder Lock, Anti-Malware monitor and USB protection modules for Infection Prevention. Resident Protection is available via Level 3 using Anti-Malware scanner, Process Quarantine, Process activity manager, File and registry activity, ImproveNet policies and USB virus protection. Level 4 offers Data Leak Prevention via Anti-leak, Application Guard, ID Block, File and Folder lock, Firewall and IP blocklist.
5 Levels of Protection by Agnitum Outpost Security Suite

Key Components of Agnitum Outpost Security Suite

► Anti-Malware

  • File Monitor and Scanner – scans system and files in real time or on demand.
  • Mail Antivirus – scans email attachments.
  • Web Antivirus – scans web pages for viruses and bad scripts.
  • USB virus protection – combats or blocks USB device auto-run vulnerability.
  • eXtended Heuristics Analyzer (HAX) engine – scans critical system locations.

Two-way firewall

  • Inbound and outbound system and application firewall.
  • Attack Detection – detects attacks from the local networks and Internet.
  • IP BlockList – updatable list of blocked IPs.

Proactive Protection

  • Anti-Leak – prevents suspicious activity to block unknown threats and prevent data
  • leaks.
  • Application Guard – secures IDs and passwords used with most popular applications
  • from inappropriate access or malicious hijacking.
  • System Guard – protects key system settings and program data from misuse or
  • malware compromise.
  • File and Folder Lock blocks access to designated files and folders.

Web Protection

  • URL blacklist with automatically updated list of spying and malware sites.
  • Ad blocking with automatically updated list of ad distribution networks.
  • Customizable content filtering/parental block.
  • Active Content block – restricts scripts/executable code/media elements in email
  • messages and on web pages.
  • ID block – blocks outbound transmission of personal information.

Advanced activity monitoring tools

  • Process Activity Monitor for real-time monitoring of active processes.
  • File and Registry Activity Monitor for on-demand recording of system events

Log Viewer
Password Protection

Purchase 3 PC Lifetime License and Get 40% Discount

Recently Agnitum started offering 3 PC Lifetime licenses of Security Suite at 99.95 USD. They are also offering a flat 40% discount on the purchase, so to get it at 59.95 USD. You shouldn’t miss this offer.
Get 3 PC Lifetime License of Agnitum Outpost Security Suite at 40% Off

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