Filseclab Twister Antivirus – Lifetime License at 44% Discount

Filseclab Twister Antivirus

Now-a-days malware is getting more and more complex and so to prevent those anti-malware products are using various new techniques, adding new shields. Filseclab Twister Antivirus is a renowned Chinese anti-malware that offers various various shields to effectively fight with modern malwares. Among its powerful shileds following are important: Filseclab Dynamic Denfense System, Malware Virtual Machine™, Advanced Heuristic, Behavior BlackBox, Super Rollback, Cloud Security, Digital Neural Network, Privacy Protection, Threat Traps, System Shields, Anti-0day Exploits, Anti-BSOD, Resumable Scan, iSmart-Scan, Resource Balancing, Speech Control, Speech Synthesis etc. It may some take time for the user to learn the antivirus but that much learning is very much worthy because on proper use of the software, it will Impossible to have any kind of malware infection. The antivirus is in version 8 and is compatible with Windows 2000 to Windows 8, both 32 & 64 bit. Nevertheless, Filseclab Twister Antivirus is one of the rarest category that still offers a lifetime license.

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Features of Filseclab Twister Antivirus

Twister Antivirus Features

Technologies used by Filseclab Twister Antivirus

  • Behavior depth tracking technology
  • Rapid response technology for real-time tracking
  • Rapid storage and retrieval technology (black box)
  • Technical analysis based on artificial intelligence model behavior (threat identification)
  • The rollback Technology of the I / O operation
  • Memory object of rollback technology
  • Windows kernel simulation technology
  • The buffer overflow defensive technology
  • Blue screen disaster protection technology
  • Enhanced self-protection technology
  • Trap technology
  • Gene identification technology
  • Gene signature database automatically generated
  • Metamorphic virus recognition technology
  • The shrink slightly characteristics technology
  • Automatically false positives exclude technology
  • Resource load balancing technology
  • Smart Speed Technology
  • Breakpoint sweep Technology
  • Virtual machine technology
  • API simulation technology
  • Static heuristic virus detection technology
  • The dynamic heuristic virus detection technology based on virtual machine
  • Virtual machine shelling technology
  • Macro viruses inspired technology
  • Static deformation virus removal technology
  • Static broad-spectrum disinfection
  • Virtual machine-based dynamic disinfection technology
  • The cloud fast query technology (comparable common database query is a hundred
    times faster)
  • Cloud identification techniques
  • Cloud intelligent analysis technology
  • Intelligent voice interactive control technology
  • Threat automatic sorting technology
  • The white program automatically sorting technology
  • Virus database is automatically updated technology
  • Program logic tracking technology (PLT)
  • Enhanced SVM artificial intelligence algorithms EX-SVM

Purchase Filseclab Twister Antivirus Lifetime License & Get Discount

1 PC Lifetime license of Filseclab Twister Antivirus costs 89.95 USD but you can get 44% discount as a special offer and will be able to purchase it at 49.95 USD.
Purchase Filseclab Twister Antivirus 1 PC Lifetime License with 44% Discount

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