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Systweak Netbook Optimizer is a multi-utility suite that comprise of all-essential tools for a user. The collection of tools helps you to fast up system performance, keep security and privacy intact, remove unwanted data garbage and maintain system health.

Systweak Netbook Optimizer GUI

Systweak Netbook Optimizer Features

Your Netbook needs immediate attention, if you are experiencing any of the following problems:

  1. Your Netbook is new but its performance dipped
  2. You get Blue screens (BSODs) randomly
  3. It freezes or crashes frequently
  4. It takes long to startup
  5. Your system activities are possibly tracked
  6. You access Internet without malware protection
  7. Your Netbook takes time to respond
  8. You don’t have latest drivers for display, network etc.

Systweak Netbook Optimizer is broadly categorized in five sections. The Netbook Care feature in it, gives you the flexibility to increase system performance and maintain security intact in a single click, evading the task of checking individual modules to maintain system stability and integrity. The other heads are classified as Clean, Optimize, Protect and Maintain. The Clean section takes care of system health by cleaning all the data garbage found either on the disk or registry. The tools under Optimize work towards maintaining system stability and enhancing memory capacity which reduces frequent shutdowns. The next is the Protect section, which guards from all kinds of identity thefts, malware infections, privacy thefts etc. and ensures complete protection on all scale. The last on the list is the Maintain section that manages uninstallation of unnecessary programs and removal of programs from startup list, making it easy for you to handle programs and boost program response time. By making it simple to do routine management on your system, Systweak Netbook Optimizer keeps your Netbook running smoothly. With continual usage, Systweak Netbook Optimizer helps to:

  •  Fine tune your Netbook in single click
  •  Optimize hard disk for best performance
  •  Protect from malware and spyware
  •  Have latest drivers for all hardware, audio and video devices.
  •  Improve startup speed
  •  Fix invalid registry errors
  •  Improve system response time
  •  Prevent system crashes and BSODs
  •  Drastically improve overall Netbook performance

Download Systweak Netbook Optimizer Trial

Evaluation version of Systweak Netbook Optimizer is available in the following link.

Purchase Systweak Netbook Optimizer

1 Year license of Systweak Netbook Optimizer costs 29.95 USD.

Systweak Netbook Optimizer offers two types of licensing: 1 Year Upgrade Protection and Continuous Upgrade Protection. Under 1 Year Upgrade Protection, all upgrades are provided for free for one year. Also, the product will stop working after one year and you will have to purchase it again. However, under Continuous Upgrade Protection, you are billed each year automatically and all upgrades are free for the duration of your subscription.

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Purchase License with Continuous Upgrade Protection

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