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About TuneUp Utilities 2013

Are your favourite programs running incredibly slowly? Do videos and games lag? If you finally want to get behind what’s really slowing down your PC, then you need TuneUp™ Utilities 2013! This complete tuning suite delivers excellent PC performance and stability, ensuring that your machine stays in optimal shape. You can even install it on up to 3 PCs! Thanks to new cleaning features and improved 1-Click and Automatic Maintenance, TuneUp Utilities™ 2013 now has even more powerful weapons in its arsenal. And to future proof your computer maintenance, TuneUp Utilities 2013 runs on Windows 8 compatible notebooks, netbooks and tablet PCs.

Tuneup Utilities 2013: Overview of all functions

Tuneup Utilities 2013: Overview of all functions

TuneUp Utilities 2013 Features

Live Optimisation: Programs or processes which run in the background can consume a high percentage of your CPU’s power. This significantly slows down active programs that are running. Live Optimisation identifies these background programs, allowing you to switch them to “Standby”.
Program Deactivator: Easily pause the background activities of programs that are not in use. This frees up resources and boosts the speed of your active programs. But don’t worry relevant programs such as antivirus software or drivers will not be deactivated.
Turbo Mode: Boost your PC’s performance when designing, photo & video editing, gaming, or programming with Turbo Mode. Turbo charge your PC by turning off over 70 identified resource-hungry applications for the fastest performance possible.
Disable startup programs: Startup programs place a heavy burden on your PC and affect the time it takes for your machine to boot up. That’s why TuneUp Utilities’ Startup Manager detects and helps you eliminate unnecessary startup programs to greatly improve startup speed and performance.
Hard disk defragmentation: During everyday routines such as creating, copying, moving and deleting files, fragmentation of the hard disk can occur. Fragmentation results in single file fragments being dispersed all over the hard disk rather than related fragments being stored together. This increases the time it takes to access and load files. TuneUp Drive Defrag restores perfect order to your hard disk while speeding up file access, boot times, and program launches.
1-Click-Maintenance: Detect and fix core PC problems at the click of a button. This ingenious feature cleans your PC’s registry, removes broken shortcuts, deletes temporary files, optimises startup and shutdown times and defrags your hard disk, all with one click!
Automatic Maintenance: Schedule regular maintenance checks to run at certain times, for example, when you’re not working on your PC.
Repair Wizard: TuneUp Utilities performs up to 200 checks on drivers, Windows® settings, security, privacy, hard drive space, and Windows® Update, and automatically displays the results in the Start Center, where problems can be fixed in just a few easy steps.
Status and Recommendations: Find out what is impairing and slowing your PC with ‘Status and Recommendations’. TuneUp Utilities then helps you solve these problems with quick and simple fixes.
Disk Doctor: Prevent data loss and reliability issues with TuneUp Disk Doctor. It completely scans your hard disk for potential file system errors and fixes them instantly.
Disk Cleaner: The all-new Disk Cleaner 2013 gets rid of system clutter and temporary files left over by Windows® and 3rd party software for a faster and more reliable PC.
Browser Cleaner: Protect your privacy with TuneUp Browser Cleaner 2013. It automatically clears out internet search history, cookies, stored passwords, and more, from 25 different browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox.
Registry Cleaner: This invaluable feature scans your PC’s registry, identifying errors and problems. From old shortcuts and non-existent programs to redundant files and invalid application paths, TuneUp Registry Cleaner sorts out the lot leaving you with a faster, more efficient PC.
Uninstall Manager: Your computer can become sluggish due to redundant files, registry entries and remnants from software programs you thought you’d uninstalled ages ago. Use TuneUp Uninstaller to completely remove unwanted items for good!
Shortcut Cleaner: TuneUp Shortcut Cleaner removes unnecessary shortcuts on your desktop, from your Start menu, and in “recently used” lists like songs played in Windows Media Player or documents opened in Microsoft Office, to restore order and to help to avoid annoying error messages.
Restore deleted files: Sometimes files are accidentally deleted but with TuneUp Undelete you can prevent disastrous data loss and restore previously-deleted files, even if they were deleted from the Recycle Bin.
Delete files safely: Deleting a file doesn’t mean it’s completely removed, so anyone with recovery tools and access to your PC can retrieve it. TuneUp Shredder deletes sensitive data to U.S. government standards to guarantee it’ll never be recovered.
TuneUp Economy Mode: Enjoy up to 30% more battery life*** with TuneUp Economy Mode – perfect for laptops, netbooks and tablet PCs that die quickly or use too much power.
Update Wizard: An Update Wizard keeps TuneUp Utilities constantly updated, so you get the best out of your PC.
Optimisation Report: TuneUp Utilities 2013 provides a complete history of all the actions it performs so you can easily find out how well your computer has been optimised.

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